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Case study: Macquarie Group

Achieving high levels of agility and clarity with Data Vault 2.0

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The process driven methodology of DataOps allows Macquarie Group to create a data infrastructure that enables its employees to reduce time to market and time to users, compress delivery cycles and continuously improve on the quality of insights while helping everyone to work together to leverage the value of data.


Data Vault 2.0 has been significant for Macquarie Group in bringing data from a variety of systems onto one data platform. Other benefits include: 

  • Standardisation of processes 
  • Ability to get information to users faster 
  • Clearer insights into data 
  • Ability for self-service analysts to create reports 


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DataOps makes it much easier and more flexible for you to operate in the areas of risk management and compliance.

Ashwin Since | Chief Data Officer


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