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Case study: MLC Life Insurance

How MLC Life Insurance Successfully Implemented Data Vault 2.0

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MLC Life Insurance used Data Vault 2.0 principles and tools to pull together data from multiple systems across the organisation. Automating much of the process generated a cost take-out and reduced time spent implementing.

MLC Life Insurance simplifies BI and analytics use through the business vault; creating and delivering on a single view of truth much faster through automation. By making it easier to bring data in, MLC Life Insurance has more time to improve the quality of that data, delivering on both speed of delivery and trust in the information.


Data Vault 2.0 uses disciplined agile techniques to break down complex tasks in a templated form. Benefits include: 

  • Accelerated delivery
  • Auditable & reconcilable source of enterprise information
  • Ability to respond to changing business requirements
  • Compliance and governance
  • Trusted insights and reports
  • Confidently deliver data in the first sprints

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With Data Vault 2.0 we can now deliver straight away in Sprint 1, instead of having to wait several weeks.

Vincent McBurney | Information Architect


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