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Data Maturity Assessment

Identify risks in your data management process

A proven approach to assessing an organisation’s data maturity and increasing the business value from data.

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The Key to Leveraging Data to the Fullest

Organisations that want to overcome the modern data management challenges and ensure they leverage data to the fullest, need to take a mature approach to data management – which starts with aligning information ecosystems to business objectives. This can not only support those objectives but can often go even further by helping realise strategic advantages within the market. The opposite – failure to properly align data to business objectives – often increases costs, delays time-to-market, and introduces data security and reputational risk.

How do businesses align their information ecosystems with their business objectives? It starts with assessing their data maturity.

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The Data Maturity Assessment with Ignition was highly valuable in helping us understand where and how we should be improving our data management to better support our business goals. The Ignition team are extremely knowledgeable and great to work with.

Dan Heckendorf  |  Chief Financial Officer at AZNGA

A Proven Approach to Assessing Data Maturity

Ignition has a proven approach to assessing an organisation’s data maturity and can provide practical recommendations on how to uplift the maturity of your data assets, enabling your business to realise the full potential of your data.

By providing clarity around the organisation’s current maturity level within a proven framework, a Data Maturity Assessment not only tells you how you’re currently doing, it also shows a clear path forward.

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Maturity Levels

The Ignition Data Maturity Assessment will identify at which of the five levels your business currently sits overall, as well as individually across the data assessment areas (Data-Driven Business, Data Governance, Data Management, and Data Infrastructure) and how you can reach the desired level.


1. Data Drudgery

Many silos of data exist and there is no organisational vision of data.


2. Tactical Data 

Some raw data consolidation exists but data quality issues undermine data value.


3. Focused Data

The organisation has established a clear end goal and measurable results are emerging. 


4. Transformational Data

Evidence-based decision-making is commonplace and data is trusted.


5. Strategic Data

Data has evolved to become a strategic asset and enabler for business strategy. 

Data Assessment Areas

The Ignition Data Maturity Assessment will review data management systems and processes across four critical areas of the business.


1. Data-Driven Business

Data and analytics that support transformation and achievement of business goals.


2. Data Governance

(Including Data Quality)

 Enterprise-wide structures and policies to appropriately manage data and accessibility. 


3. Data Infrastructure

Crafting the right structures and data and analytical tools to support the enterprise. 


4. Data Management

Resources, skills and capabilities to support the business in making the best use of data. 

The Output

A Roadmap for Improvement

Once the review is complete, Ignition will prepare a findings report showing your maturity rating across the various maturity and data dimensions.

We will work collaboratively with you to agree upon a target maturity level for your organisation and provide an indicative roadmap of key initiatives to achieve it with budget allocation to help with your forward planning and market engagement.

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Data Maturity Assessment

A proven approach to assessing an organisation’s data maturity and increasing the business value from data. 

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