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Modern Data Platform Launchpad

The fast, value-driven, zero-regrets way to modern data management

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Start small. Scale with your needs. Only pay for what you use  

For organisations and teams ready to embrace modern data management, the Modern Data Platform Launchpad offers a cost-effective and value-driven way to get started quickly – without limiting scalability.   

Unlike traditional approaches to data management that require a significant upfront investment, take a long time to implement and limit scalability, the Modern Data Platform Launchpad offers a zero-regrets way to get started. The Launchpad enables teams to generate initial insights and reports quickly, paying only for what is being used. Over time, Launchpad can grow into an enterprise-wide analytics and AI platform – without any rework or redesign.

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The Modern Data Platform Launchpad


Rapid results 

Get your first insights and reports within weeks, not months.  



No big up-front investment needed. Start with small budgets 


Pay as you grow 

A value-based platform. Only pay for what you use. 


Minimal disruption 

Deliver specific results without disrupting the whole organisation.  


Zero regrets 

Deliver immediate needs in a way that aligns with the long-term architecture to avoid future rework. 


AI & LLMs ready 

Curate & govern the information that will be the foundation of your generative AI initiatives 


Built-in governance  

Easily build governance artefacts as you grow over time.  


Share data 

Leverage data mesh to create data products that can be shared throughout the organisation. 

The insights you need. Fast. 

Have you ever needed a simple report but were given lengthy and expensive delivery timeline? Or maybe you identified an opportunity to optimise efficiency, but to get the insights needed to make decisions required a significant investment – and you weren’t sure it was worth it?  

If this sounds familiar, the Modern Data Platform Launchpad is for you.  

The Launchpad is a data management approach that enables you to access specific insights and reports quickly, without the long and expensive development process usually associated with analytics and data management platforms.  

Launchpad can be stood up for an individual team or the whole organisation. It can be your first modern data platform, replace an existing one that isn’t working, or operate alongside your large complex enterprise systems to address specific use cases.  

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Combining the best of everything into one powerful methodology 

The Launchpad leans on the strength of the cloud data platforms and Lakehouse technologies, and ads to it the best elements of Data Vault methodology, Medallion Architecture, Data Mesh and Data Fabrics concepts to deliver a comprehensive data platform that provides solutions not just for the ingestion, integration and curation of data, but also for the security, governance and delivery of data.  

It adds to this a library of accelerators to create an architecture that will work across all use cases, now and in the future.  Furthermore, the Launchpad approach can help you simultaneously deliver urgent, departmental, subject specific, or time sensitive analytics, as well as enterprise-level reporting.  

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The Modern Data Platform Launchpad process 

A well-defined process means you see results quickly and can grow seamlessly without worrying about dead-ends, expensive redesigns or getting stuck.  


Identify your first use case(s) 

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Rapidly deploy Launchpad to deliver the initial use case(s) 

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Extract insight and reports (realise instant ROI) 

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Identify the next use case(s) 

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Seamlessly scale Launchpad to deliver the additional use case(s) 

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Repeat steps three and four while always only paying for what you use.  

A tech-agnostic approach 

The Modern Data Platform Launchpad is a tech-agnostic approach that can be deployed on leading Lakehouse platforms including: Databricks or IBM’s watsonx, on either MS Azure or AWS.  

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