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Life at Ignition

As a customer-focused organisation the skills, dedication and wellbeing of our people is paramount to delivering the exceptional outcomes we expect for our customers.  

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Experience, knowledge and dedication

The team at Ignition have the knowledge, skills and experience to help guide you through your information management project and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. 

Respect our people and assist them to be their best 
Operate with integrity 
Value the success of our customers 
Create shared value through our community 
Align to best-of-breed tech within our focus areas 

Your data experts

Ignition_Team_Julien Redmondcol-min

Julien Redmond


Ignition_Team_Steve Jacksoncol-min

Steve Jackson

Operations Manager

Ignition_Team_Nols Ebersohncol-min

Nols Ebersohn

Solution Director

Ignition_Team_Steve Rosecol-min

Steve Rose

Practice Manager

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